9’0”x 28” - 107 Liters +/- 6,9 kg    
9’2”x 30” - 126 Liters  +/- 7,6 kg
10’0” 28” - 120 Liters +/- 7,8 kg
10’2”x 32”- 159 Liters +/- 9,0 kg
11’0”x 28” - 133 Liters +/- 8,5 kg


Full PVC sandwich Carbon deck construction 

Kalama EZ2 Stand-up Paddle

1 890,00 €Prix
  • The New Kalama Stand-Up Paddle board are premium quality construction : Full Sandwich PVC Carbon deck. 

    5 x FCS2 fins box, to ride your board as you like Quad or Truster. 

    Fins are not provided with the SUP boards to let you tune your board with your existing fin's quiver, or to try new fins options.   FCSII "Performer" and "Carver" models  are good choice for all waves conditions. Size Large, Medium, Small  are recommanded in consideration of your weight. If you hesitate between two fins sizes, over size is a good choice with an SUP board (compare to a small surfboard)