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"What I have learned is that one of the most critical aspects to having fun in the water, is having equipment that you can trust and that raises your personal potential."  

Kalama Performance is a company founded on the experience and concepts that I have developed over the last 34 years of living on Maui. My main goal is to supply the absolute best equipment you can get for riding waves & open ocean swells.

While performance is the main focus, I understand that the ultimate goal is maximum enjoyment of your time in the water & the lifelong memories that come from those experiences. My time on Maui as a professional windsurfer / longboarder / Big Wave surfer / SUP pioneer / Foil pioneer have all been in pursuit of one thing . . . FUN!

While fun is usually considered a light-hearted endeavor, I have actually always taken it quite seriously and made it the focal point of my life. What I have learned is that one of the most critical aspects to having fun in the water, is having equipment that you can trust and that raises your personal potential. As a big wave surfer, fear is an emotion that I have had to come to terms with, and in that resolve I have learned that you cannot let fear inhibit your actions or philosophies.

That is why my designs are un-incumbered by conventional thinking. I am not afraid to try new concepts, new designs and experiment, because the failure that inherently comes from new ideas is what makes me better as a designer, and the equipment evolve to the most progressive levels. It’s that evolution that has brought me to this point of wanting to share all of my development and ideas to a broader spectrum of people, so that I may have a greater influence over your level of enjoyment while you are in the water.

Which brings it back to what it’s all about, having FUN.

Dave Kalama

Austin Kalama

Following the family legacy, this fourth generation Hawaiian waterman has deep roots in Maui. When not working his day job as a kayak/snorkeling guide, you’ll find Austin short boarding, long boarding, body boarding, Stand up wave riding and his favorite, foil boarding.

This 21-year-old trail-blazer – and oldest son of Dave Kalama – is at the forefront of both prone and SUP foiling around the world. Austin has proudly planted the Kalama Family Flag deep into the foil scene with his unique style, inherited skill, unrelenting dedication and winning personality.

Widely respected and recognized as the future of foiling, he carves with precision, lands airs and early on mastered the first ally-oop while elevating the sport at warp speed.

Father and son start most days on Maui sharing water time testing the latest innovations from the Kalama Performance workshop and experimenting with prototype wings from Alex Aguera’s Go Foil tool chest.


Follow Austin on Instagram  @austinkalama

Dave Kalama

Dave Kalama is a Hawaiian waterman who comes from a distinguished lineage of surfing and paddling champions. He has spent his career on the bleeding edge of professional windsurfing, big wave tow-in surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and most recently, the rebirth of the hydrofoil movement.

As a standout with Laird Hamilton on legendary “Big Wednesday” in 1998, Dave is a revered ocean athlete and 2018 inductee to the hallowed Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation (ODKF) Hawai’i Waterman Hall of Fame for Surfing.

He is an accomplished designer and innovator with an unconventional approach to his craft. Shaping, building and testing, Dave has a passion for exploring uncharted waters as he navigates the future of foil board design.

Known for his passion, authenticity, ethical standard and inclusion, Dave is world renowned as an intuitive teacher and top level coach. As the successful owner of the famed Kalama Kamps, Dave travels to surfing meccas around the globe as a private instructor.

When he’s not commentating for the WSL or working on a TED Talk, you’ll find Dave in his most cherished role as husband and father of four on his home island of Maui.

Follow Dave on Instagram @davekalama

Austin Kalama foiling Fidji, 2018
Dave Kalama Hawaiian waterman
Ilima Kalama, 1962 

To really appreciate the roots of the Kalama's familly 

you can watch this nice video of Ilama Kalama surfing in 1962 ...

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